Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor


In 1987, Susan Bronstein became a certified aerobic instructor through a program at Cal State University, Hayward. Susan's interest in biomechanics and kinematics led her, in 1994, to begin studying the Pilates method of Body Conditioning. She recieved her certification through The Pilates Guild in 1997 after completing a 700 hour course under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska, a Pilates elder who studied under Joseph Pilates himself and who was chosen to run his studio after his death. After certification, Susan ran her own Pilates studio in Saint Louis, Missouri  for six years until moving to Ojai, California in 2003 where she began teaching Pilates group classes, dance and stretch. In 2006 Susan opened her own Pilates StudiOH! in Ojai. Susan's passion for and commitment to movement has led her to study yoga, physical therapy and other holistic approaches to health and fitness including myofascial release. She has also studied ballet, jazz, tap and West African dance, performing with groups in San Francisco, Saint Louis and Ojai. In 2012 Susan became entranced with the aerial arts and began to study aerial yoga. In 2013 she became a certified instructor of AIReal Yoga through The Aerial Studio in Ventura, California and then earned a second aerial yoga certification in 2014 through The Yoga Studio in Campbell, California. Susan is currently studying circus arts and aerial dance and loving every minute.

Susan's Thoughts on Training

I beleive that proper form, alignment and technique are crucial to any form of movement or body conditioning to help avaoid injuries and to bring about the best results possible.